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Some GSG's IP Cases

Our source code analysis based approach to IP cases' discovery has the advantage of yielding precise evidence that stands up well in cross interrogation. It has been our repeated experience that the cross interrogation of a GSG analysis and testimony is cut very short by opposing counsel, since prolonging it only results in the judge or jury having a better chance to understand that what we present is hard factual evidence rendered comprehensible to lay people.

Over the years GSG has developed a number of proprietary techniques for source analysis, which rely on two foundations:

  • The incredible wealth and flexibility of source analyses tools available under the Unix and Windows Operating Systems. Such generally available tools are augmented by our own set of proprietary tools.
  • Our staff's in depth knowledge of this toolkit. The GSG staff applies its know-how in a creative, case by case manner, yielding incisive, fast, and economical results.

Below we list a few summary IP litigation case histories in which we provided decisive litigation support. These exemplify in more detail how GSG approaches these tasks.

DOJ vs Software Developer

Camco vs. SOFT, Inc.

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